Thursday, January 12, 2012


Body Beautiful

Sorry, this is not a post about beautiful body of models or bikini models. This is skin deep and I mean a REAL DEEP. Fits the phrase "Beautiful Inside Out" 

This is image of red blood cells is one of a series appearing in the book   Inside The Body: Fantastic Images from Beneath the Skin.

Here the blood cells are traveling along a vein within the liver. The images are provided by the Science Photo Library.

This bead-like structure with its projecting legs is a nerve cell. It sends signals and commands to and from the brain.

This dirty-looking surface is actually a healthy tooth. The cells in the green layer produce enamel, which protects the tooth.

A cross section of a piece of carpet? This is actually the small intestine where food is digested.

The surface of the tongue is rough due to these paillae, which contain the taste buds and send tactile information to the brain.

 The cells lining the stomach secrete a layer of mucus to protect against the acidic gastric juices.

  These crystals may look pretty, but the kidney stones they form can be extremely painful to pass through the urine.

These match-like structures are found in the brain and secrete a substance that cushions the brain and spinal cord against shock.

  Rose petals scattered on a scarlet divan? This is actually the lining of the rectum.

Let's treat our body with respect. 

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