Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Food Place

PAVILION Kuala Lumpur

Because of someone have a desire to eat something creamy, me sis and I went to DOME to "check" if it still the best chicken pie we ate a few years back... 

but first,  the is very cosy and the ambiance makes it very comfortable. Apparently my comforts means it is not crowded. ^_^ I don't know why but full packed places makes me restless and uncomfortable.

And now.. foods.. 

 Chicken Cajun Salad (RM 21) 

 Vanilla Shake (RM 13)

The best shake I drank so far..

Chicken Pie ( RM 23)

  It is creamy and fulfilling though it doesn't have the same taste like before. They even put barley in it!

 The service is good too. Waitress, named Rahmah is tentative and friendly.

Overall, we have a relaxed, fulfilling tummy that makes me smile that day. ^_^ 

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