Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My favorite foods in Kuching, Sarawak

When I was in Kuching a few days ago, I love love cucur udang with peanut dip sauce! I used not to be keen on it when I was younger but since I get older, my taste bud change as well. Too bad I didn't manage to take a pic of Mee Kolok or Kolok Noodle(?). It is only available in Sarawak and has been my favorite for a very long time and still is my favorite until now.

I tried to get a picture of noodle but every freaking time when it arrive on the table, I will concentrating on eating it than taking a picture of it.That how good it is!

The picture taken at Peterson's, near wet market at Food Choice area? Price would be RM7-RM10. Highly Recommended. I have an allergy towards prawns but I don't care. It is not a bad allergy anyway. Why waste good food?!

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