Monday, September 19, 2011

Aiyunie Seafood & Tom Yam Restaurant


After long hours of hang out at busy KL, me and my sister went to get something to eat near to our place at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Even though KL is full with variety of foods and beverages, still we head home and eat nearby. Weird huh? ^_^

Like most Tom Yam places in KL, it is pretty basic restaurant but what makes it special is of course, food itself. I like it here. Foods are delicious and cheap too. ^_^

I was having Fried Rice USA. ( I don’t know where and how it got it name USA *puzzled* ) and tom yam soup for my sister and I. The reason why we took Tom yam because tom yam have this sour spicy taste and both my sister and I want to get rid of this uncomfortable sweetness from chocolate drink we had at Starbuck earlier.

Tom Yam always makes it better.


Fried Rice USA


Have a yummy day!

************ Shareena*************

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