Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harry Potter : Deathly Hallows

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Thank you J.K Rowling for this adventure of my life time. Harry Potter gives me such pleasure more than chocolate.

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I admitted that I don't read the whole series, only Deathly Hallows because I got it cheap for 2€ at Sokos but I am truly amazed by your amazing imaginations. For the people who bring this piece of magic to silver screens, thank you.

It has been truly a magical ride all through this years and I have always looking forward and waited with enthusiastic every year..

I do not have any special preference on which Harry Potter's movie I like the best, I love them all equally. The end was spectacular. I've read it before the movie is out and I can say,the movie was done almost accurately and beautifully. Just like in my imaginations when I read it. Of course, there are some bits and pieces couldn't fit into the movie because that would make the movie
length up to 4 or 5 hours? Even so, I will be sitting on my bottom and watch it diligently as I put popcorn on my mouth.

For Harry Potter fans, I think we both know that this is a tragic day for us more boy with lightning scars to look forward to... no more charming prank twin brothers... no more clueless Ron and uptight Hermione ...

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There is only 2 things left for me to do now,

1. visit Harry Potter park at Orlando, USA

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2. spend the night at Castle Hotel.

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I will keep this magic within me for the rest of my life and perhaps pass it down to my future children.

Thank you again.

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