Monday, August 22, 2011

Figure In Paint Comtemporary Watercolour


Where: Gallery Petronas, 3rd Floor, KLCC

When: start from 30.06.2011 (Free Admission)

"This exhibition is arguably the most experimental exhibition on watercolour ever to be staged, with 30 large-scaled works by the highly regarded Malaysian artists such as Khalil Ibrahim, Long Thien Shih, Rafie Abdul Rahman, Mohd. Yusof Ismail and Jalaini Abu Hassan. This boundary-breaking case celebrates the full variety of ways watercolour is to be experimented and displayed" - from the pamphlet


Inside the pamphlet; various arts from various artist

Gallery Petronas has been my favorite place to hang out. Firstly because it is easily accesible via train and it is in the middle of city. Secondly, I love looking at arts. I am not trying to figuring it out what and how it is been interpreted like most arts critics do or art lovers do. I just simply love looking at the beautiful and creative creation that the artist has created. Some of it feel very personal and some of it just merely beautiful splash of colours dancing harmony on canvas, waiting to be adored and worship.

artist- Khairul Azmir Shoib "All of a Sudden I Missed Everyone"

This art exhibition is a compilation of best artist in Malaysia and thus every art works are mainly towards culture. As Malaysian, we have strong culture beliefs even though some of it hate to admit it. so, if you are in Kuala Lumpur and you love art or just simply want to kill some time, head to Gallery Petronas. It is free anyway.


artist- Long Thien Shih "How Many More Will It Takes?"

I love people watching but I love more watching people in canvas with colors. Less talk more colors.

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