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The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho

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I dont usually review about books and I pretty much doesn't know how to review books but I will try to give my simple and honest opinion. Thank you.

The Devil and Ms. Prym
Paulo Cuelho

Plot: A community devoured by greed, cowardice and fear. A man persecuted by the ghosts of his past. A young woman searching for happiness, In one eventful week, each of them will face questions of life, death, and power and each pf them will have to choose their own path. Will they choose good or evil" - Back cover plot.

I've always been a fan of Paulo Coelho novels. From the day I read the famous "The Alchemist", I am pretty obsessed with his wisdom and take it to heart. I am not an avid reader who read just about everything. If I found the story line is boring, I will stop reading it all together and perhaps just perhaps will re-read it again when the times come.

It doesn't happen to Mr. Coelho novels, it will keep me reading it until finished and when it is finished, I want to read more.

Same goes to this story, "The devil and Miss Prym". I was puzzled and intrigued of Who is the devil in this story. I want to know what happen next for Miss Prym. Is she going to take the gold and go far away? Are the village will kill Bertha? Mr. Coelho certainly knows how to keep reader under the hot seat and half the way of the story, I do begin to wonder that we need to do a bit of Evil (or in this term, Selfishness) to make us happy in our lives. People usually made decisions not because
for great good for other people but mostly for themselves.

The storyline keeps you guessing and makes you think Evil in every of us. It is always struglling in every decisions we made in our lives.

Though it is included some supernatural and spiritual aspect to it but the main message of this story is we have a choice to do Good and Evil. No matter how much reasoning to put for being Evil, perhaps makes people appreciate life more, Evil is just evil.. there will be no good coming out of it. People will always get hurt in every decisions we made.It is up to us to make it less harmful to others.

Thank you, Paulo Coelho. Thank you for making me read again.


  1. GREAT review!! My friend actually suggested this book to me a while ago, I should read it!!

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  2. @Dee.O: yes you should! I am sure you will inspired from it. Same as I did! ^_^


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