Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stickers made it so easy!

Daiso , One Utama or Sungei Wang
RM 5 each.

This stickers makes crafts easy peasy! Just stick em' up ! Book covers, frames, make up casing, tables, anything you can think of! I really adore this stickers! I will buy more!!

So I've stick them on my NYX palette.

yup, that's me with my sister at Australia. Too bad I couldn't see Kangaroo!

On the Wall.

This is different kind of sticker. I've bought it at SOGO for RM 1.20 and it just bright up the room! It is a bit kiddy like.^_^

This one my sister bought at One Utama for RM 15. There is a lot of cute designs to choose from and it looks more nicer than my RM 1.20 sticker.. ^_^

I love to personalised things. I really can't stand white walls, no frames or no painting on it, it drives me crazy! ^_^


It has been awhile I didn't update this blog. Sorry! I was busy with moving back to Malaysia and my internet connection is very limited here, even to read some of my favorite blogs are pretty luxurious now.

I love cats and these are cats from my backyard. ^_^

Have a nice day!