Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facebook Game Over

I am one of those annoying people you see on Facebook posting about games applications and of course you can hide it but still even for me it is pretty annoying. ^__^

After few months of active gaming in Facebook from CityVille , Baking life, FarmVille, Salon City or what not, I admit it is getting boring especially when you are in higher level where there is no more things to achieve. I deleted it. All of it.

Imagine if I actually paid something to get certain things in that game where they offered USD 1 for 15 Credits and from there you can level up real quickly or have cool stuffs. It would be my biggest regret of shopping history in my entire life!

Phew! Thank god I don't have credit cards anymore. ^__^

I will be going home to Malaysia this Friday and I want to make a fresh start. Starting, no more FB games. ^__^

So I see you soon! ^__^



  1. I used to play Farmville too. It did get boring after a while, so I stopped playing. Sadly, that was around the time that it got REALLY popular so it was all over my news feed...

    Are you going to Malaysia for vacation?

  2. It does get boring and you need lot of friends just to complete one stupid "goal" ^__^. After I delete it, now I can see my friends post. ^_^

    No, I am not going to Malaysia for vacation, I will go back for good at least for now. It was a very long vacation for me here in Finland. ^__^ I'll show you around ^__^

  3. good for you!! I play a few games, but yeah, as I'm progressing, it's getting boring/hard to achieve thigns. I'm not going to PAY for them...but dang sometimes I get frustrated and want to! LOL

    I hope your travel is safe, and I look forward to seeing your posts from home!

  4. @Ginger: exactly.. you need to wait to achieve any thing and end up add more stranger to friend list...and they always promoting that cool stuff only available for those who pays.. ugh..


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