Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

It was mother's day and I am quite sad because I can't be there to say to her myself, hug her and kiss on her cheeks "Happy Mother's Day!".

I guess my mother have to wait a bit while to get her gift because I will be going home. yay! ^__^

I always see my mother as a very smart women. When I was little, I always amaze how she fits a lot of foods in the fridge or sewing my dad pants and she always knows how much money she should and shouldn't spend in particular store. ^__^

I am still amaze. ^__^

She's the best cook in the world and she never pressure me to cook. When I moved to Finland, I missed my mom cook so much, I learned myself and it turns out to be one my passion now. I am sure she is proud of me though she would never tell me.

She never told me or my sister we look pretty, she never hugs me nor kiss me on forehead before I go to sleep but I know she loves me so much in her own way because she always cook something yummy whenever I feel crappy. ^__^

My mother raised me and my sister to be very independent. We don't cry if we don't get what we wanted and she always told us to do what we love to do and I love her quote that "Don't worry if you messing up the food, we make the food, not the other way round!"

It is same as if you messing up something, there is always a solution!

So for all mother's out there! You are the bomb for putting up so much shit from the kids! ^__^

I love you, ma.^_^

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