Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cereal Of The Month : Kellogs Tresor

As an adult who still love cereal and even eat cereal throughout the day, I am excited to get my hands on Tresor. It is not a brand new cereal, it just... I watched TV commercial and because I am a nut with love for chocolate and cereal, I love this cereal instantly!

So since last week, I am trying to search Tresor in every store. Unfortunately, there is either no stock or they don't supply it! It is surprise to me because I searched from the biggest chain stores ! *bummer*

Even my bf emailed Kellogs for complaint because I couldn't find it. Probably my bf is either being sweet or he kinda annoyed with me because I keep singing Tresor! Tresor! hehe ^__^

Today without my songs about Tresor and expectations of finding it ..I FOUND IT and loving it! ^_^

Taste: Yummylicious with or without milk.

What's your fav cereal?

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