Monday, January 31, 2011

Websites That I love

Because I am quite clueless about cooking at first, I found this site called MyResipi, unfortunately it is in Malay but it really does help me to get some of recipes back home. There's a reviews from people who tried it and submit your own recipes.

My sister recommended me to look at TryMasak, it is include video tutorials perfect for me to watch how they cook.
Thanks Sis!

There is English site for Malaysian Recipes I liked and truly a keeper and the author is Malaysian living in the States. Check her out at RasaMalaysia. I tried her recipes Cashew Chicken and I am hooked! It is favorite both my bf and I. For those who love ginger, this recipe is the BOMB. <--- are they still saying that?

Anyway, now I am pretty active reading and blogging, I found a lot of blogs about foods and cooking, and I will share it once I compile everything. I want to make this blog to be my online recipes searcher. Sharing is Caring ! ^_^

Have a nice day!

Link of the sites

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