Monday, January 31, 2011

Caramel Pudding

I give myself pat on the back because I used to make this pudding caramel before and it seems it hates me for some reason and it was disastrous. I know for some people is easy peasy but not for me, lots of trial and errors. When my friend put up a picture of her caramel pudding for sale and obviously my saliva is dripping down, I've gathered some nerves and do it again! The result was perfect except..

It is not the most good looking pudding caramel like others. (^_^ sorry!) because I kinda rough with it when I put it on the plate and for someone who have tendency to break stuff, this is what happen.

But anyway this is it!


400 ml Fresh Milk

5 tbsp sugar

3 eggs

2 egg yolk

Vanilla essence


5tbsp Sugar

2 tbsp water

How To:

1. Mix sugar and water until brown and add to baking tray or ramekins.

2. In different bowl, add eggs and egg yolks. While stirring, add sugar a little by little, do not let it bubbles.

3. In different saucepan, add milk and vanilla. Heat it until 60c, do not let it reach boiling point.

4. With the hot milk, add it with the eggs mixtures and stir. Add this mixture to caramel.

5. Heat in the oven using double boiler for 40 mins in 150c.

6. Do not shake and repeat my stupid mistake. Be gentle. ^_^

I've took this recipes from MyResipi

p/s: I will take another nice picture if I'm doing it again soon. Hopefully, I'll learn my mistakes.

Websites That I love

Because I am quite clueless about cooking at first, I found this site called MyResipi, unfortunately it is in Malay but it really does help me to get some of recipes back home. There's a reviews from people who tried it and submit your own recipes.

My sister recommended me to look at TryMasak, it is include video tutorials perfect for me to watch how they cook.
Thanks Sis!

There is English site for Malaysian Recipes I liked and truly a keeper and the author is Malaysian living in the States. Check her out at RasaMalaysia. I tried her recipes Cashew Chicken and I am hooked! It is favorite both my bf and I. For those who love ginger, this recipe is the BOMB. <--- are they still saying that?

Anyway, now I am pretty active reading and blogging, I found a lot of blogs about foods and cooking, and I will share it once I compile everything. I want to make this blog to be my online recipes searcher. Sharing is Caring ! ^_^

Have a nice day!

Link of the sites

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cute Foods!

This is some of cute foods I found on the net! There is a zillions of it out there and this is so cute I have to share it.

How can I eat this?! Too cute to be eaten! Though most cute foods are from Bento foods. Should I make my food cute now? :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Honey CornFlakes

Today I feeling sweet, so I baked some honey cornflakes. I know it is not the healthiest but I don't care.

It is a very simple and easy to make. The first time I ate this a few years ago when in Malaysia we celebrated Eid-Mubarak, the end of Ramadhan for muslim. I went to my friend house and although there is a lot of cakes and other biscuits on the table, I only eat honey cornflakes until she have to refill it. Embarassing. I think my mom was embarrassed about me. ^_~

This is my honey cornflakes.



Brown sugar



I'm sorry I don't put the measurement because I don't measure when I made this and still it turns out as sweet as honey, just the way I like it.

If you want an exact measurement, click here.


1. Melt butter and sugar in double boiler.

2. Add cornflakes with butter and sugar mixture.

3. Add honey.

4. Put inside the oven for 10-15 mins in 175c.

5. EAT!!

Sorry I'm not a good food photographer for food but I guarantee it taste good.