Thursday, December 22, 2011



I am proud to say we have beautiful beaches here.
One of them is Pulau Pangkor, Perak. This beautiful trip dated 24th of November 2011. It was 4 of us and we had fun! It is a beach after all, how can you not having fun there? The sun, sea breeze and of course those beautiful view....ahhh..

To go to the island we need to hop on a ferry....

Ferry to Pangkor Island (1/2 hour ride)

Fee: RM 10 (adult)           RM5 (children)

(I'm already feeling excited here.....eeeee)

If you know to ride a motorcycle, please rent it (RM 30 per day) because
you can ride around the whole island and the fuel is cheap too! 

REMINDER: Do not rent a bicycle there, even though riding a bicycle would be an adventure with hills and curves, but because they don't keep
those bicycles in good shape, the last thing you want to do is getting killed so BIG NO-NO.
Price is RM4 per hour and after 4 hours, it will be RM20 and considered whole day rent. That kind of
shitty bike,never again!

Too bad none of us knew how to ride a bike and we ended up paying at least RM60 for

This is our RIDE. 

You going to see a lot of store selling almost the same dresses! 
because of that repetitive marketing, it does makes me want to buy one!

Arrived to this small town...

And a lot of sea foods products! 

 This is where we crash for the night....(not really those room though)

One of  main attraction, DUTCH FORT. It is build in 1670 and used for storing tin and stronghold against pirates.AAAARRRR!!!

Foo Lin Kong Temple
you have to go here, there is GIANT FISH resides here.I'M SERIOUS!!!  I am using capital letters to emphasis the seriousness of my words.
  Can you see how huge is it? Perhaps not. Well.. then again.. seeing is believing.

 The Beach



Activity on the beach. For RM15 (2 hours), it is worth it. I am afraid of heights and I can't swim. So this is very challenging for me personally but I've made it and it feels so good! *pat on my back*

 The Cats! 
Island cats. They are super friendly and they have sweet life being beach cat.


  Another activity is around the island on a boat for RM15 to see this LOVERS TREE. If you are lucky, it will grow flowers but the guide told us, it is only once a year... *sigh*

love snorkeling? It is in the package as well. RM15 is really worth it. 

After all that fun, we just have to do cliché pose! JUMP!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food Place

Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

PAPA don't preach.. John is coming over.. ^_^  The best pizza place I ever eaten! It tastes fresh and every side dishes are delicious! Too bad it is located at Time Square ( not my favorite place in Golden Triangle). It is worth the journey though.

Price wise not that bad. I will prefer Papa John's Pizza than any other. This whole meal cost like RM 45. I like how they round up the price. Easier than digging your  friggin' 5 cents in your wallet.


The best dipping sauce EVER.

More less like Sri Murni "Roti Dinasour" (Dinasour turnover) ^_^ 

Happy me means good foods. ^_^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food Place- Food Court KLCC


Place: Food Court KLCC, 2nd Floor 

Price: RM 7- RM9 (it is an approximately) 

Every time I go to KLCC and decided to eat at 2nd Floor food court, I will always end up eating Mushroom noodle. I love it since the day my sister introduced it to me since 6 years ago(?) and the price keep climbing up the stairs to hell = expensive (RM 6.30 from RM4.50). At least the taste is the same delicious since then, so no complaint on taste bud department. ^_^ 

My friend, Amy ate this simple and delicious Chicken Ball Noodle Soup. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Food Place- Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch 

 I've been introduced to Pepper Lunch just few months ago and I am addicted to it. It is so delicious and tasteful and we need to mix it ourselves makes it more interesting! ^_^

Price is reasonable between RM10- RM30. Oh yes, try the ice cream too.. I finished it too fast to even remember to take a pic! opss...

 Place: PAVILION, KUALA LUMPUR ( Currently it is under renovation, nooooooooooooo)

Spaghetti Bolognese

They serve it like this.... 

and we mix it like this! I got super excited on mixing part...

 Chicken Fried Rice

There's a yummyness butter inside that rice..Mix it and your taste bud will thank you for it.


Thursday, November 17, 2011


2012 SUPER CUTE Calendar

I am not particularly love OWL but I am in love with cute designs or art. So I am ecstatic to found out about this FREE OWL Calendar for 2012! There are 40 artist and you can choose the art, download it and print it! HOW LOVELY!!!!!!!

Owl Lover 2012 Calendar




Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Food Place

PAVILION Kuala Lumpur

Because of someone have a desire to eat something creamy, me sis and I went to DOME to "check" if it still the best chicken pie we ate a few years back... 

but first,  the is very cosy and the ambiance makes it very comfortable. Apparently my comforts means it is not crowded. ^_^ I don't know why but full packed places makes me restless and uncomfortable.

And now.. foods.. 

 Chicken Cajun Salad (RM 21) 

 Vanilla Shake (RM 13)

The best shake I drank so far..

Chicken Pie ( RM 23)

  It is creamy and fulfilling though it doesn't have the same taste like before. They even put barley in it!

 The service is good too. Waitress, named Rahmah is tentative and friendly.

Overall, we have a relaxed, fulfilling tummy that makes me smile that day. ^_^ 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 The biggest FREE FLIGHT walk-in aviary

If you like things with wings and alive, please go to BIRD PARK in KUALA LUMPUR now.
If you like birds flying over your heads and poop on your shirt, please go to BIRD PARK.
I can guarantee you will like it! If you don't, please tell me why ( I dare you)

There are 200 species in that park and you won't be in and out in one hour.. hell no! I was there at least 3 hours. That's because that park is super huge, with waterfalls, lakes and playgrounds that could remind you of the scene from JURASSIC PARK before T-Rex mayhem.

 A Bird Nest

If you really love birds, I guess you won't mind hang out with them while you sip your drinks.  No worries they won't bug you. ^_^ 

Want to walk with a bird? Let's go! 

Sleeping Flamingo!


It's sleeping owl. What do you expect it to do in broad day light? 

For RM2, you can give this parrot milk powder and sunflower seeds.

Peacock is always beautiful and proud of it! 

 you will see a lot of peacock on the trees

So, if you want more pictures, you can go to my photobucket album, KL BIRD PARK 2011 or to its website: KL  BIRD PARK

You will  have full total body workout from this place alone! ^_^